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This collection of personal stories feature many inspiring people whose lives have been affected by a brain tumour. You will find stories about how patients and families find strength and hope, stories of perseverance and giving back to make an impact

We are honoured to be able to share these stories and say 'Thank You' to everyone who has shared and for everything you do to help the movement to end brain tumours.

Sara: Team Fight like a Girl

Sara: Team Fight like a Girl

Sara’s brain tumour diagnosis came during Thanksgiving weekend 2014 when doctors discovered a golf-ball-sized tumour on her right frontal lobe. Sara was immediately sent for an emergency re-section in Saint John, NB, which left her paralyzed. She spent over a year in intensive physical rehabilitation at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital and Stan Cassidy Centre to re-learn basic motor skills.


Stephanie's Story: Youth Education Award Winner

For Stephanie, receiving the Youth Education Award in 2014 was about far more than the dollars and cents that went toward her educational expenses. Diagnosed with a pilocytic astrocytoma at 3 years old, Stephanie has undergone two surgeries, both of which have had lasting repercussions.


Stephen's Story: "I have faith that we will meet again"

Stephen and I chatted on what should have been his 32nd Wedding Anniversary. Stephen and Susan were married for 30 years and were best friends for years before that, having met at school. They adopted two daughters who made their family complete. After years of happy marriage, a weird sensation in Susan’s arm sent her to a physician who suspected carpal tunnel, but who also wondered if there could be something more. A CT scan revealed a potential issue, a MRI revealed a brain tumour.


Sandra's Story: Feeling Fortunate

At the age of thirty, Sandra Lisi heard the words “You have a brain tumour” for the first time. Sandra was diagnosed with a Chordoma, a rare type of tumour that occurs at the base of the skull. “I was very fortunate and still feel very fortunate because the first operation was a success,” said Sandra.

Steve and Iris Rawlings Story of Hope

Steve and Iris Rawlings Story of Hope

Stephen was diagnosed with an anaplastic oligodendroglioma (grade III) in November of 2015 at the age of 53 years old, and shares his personal experiences through diagnosis and treatment including an awake craniotomy; while Iris, an emergency room nurse, shares her personal experience as a caregiver not only to her husband but also to their daughter who was diagnosed with a pineal adenoma tumour (grade I) eight years ago. The Rawlings story is one of hope, support and perseverance.


Sarah's Story: A path to healing

Volunteer profile: Sarah Cunningham. When we think of a brain tumour diagnosis, we think immediately about the individual facing the disease. We forget that, in essence, the entire family receives this diagnosis and they each face life’s journey forever changed.


Sarah's Story: "Making A Life"

As school kicked off this September for another year, graduate student Sarah Patterson was just one month past her 5-hour brain tumour surgery and less than six months had gone by since her initial diagnosis. The first half of 2015 has been full of ups and downs for this Victoria, BC mom of two.

Sebastian’s Story #GiveaHug Day

Sebastian’s Story #GiveaHug Day

For eight-year-old Sebastian and his mother Nadine, their four-year brain tumour journey has been a mix of emotions and experiences that can only be described as hopeful and passionate. When Sebastian was four, he started having seizures. Upon first view by health care professionals, there seemed to be no explanation. But the seizures continued and before long, Nadine found herself becoming “a momma bear,” and ardently advocating for Sebastian, often referred to as Seba. “I just knew there was s


Sara's Story of Strength

Sara is a daughter, a supporter and a caregiver. “He was a hardworking man, healthy, ran his own computer store, and did construction. He never really let anything bother him and was the rock of our family.” This is what Sara Ouimet recalls in admiration of her father, Brian, who was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour on September 28, 2011.


Susie's Story of Strength

We sat down with Susie one week before her 11th round of chemotherapy to treat her brain tumour. Susie chalked her headaches up to a family history of migraines or possible food allergies. Vision problems followed and she saw an eye doctor, who recommended an MRI. What came next, Susie never expected. Today, Susie focuses on staying positive -- for herself and for her family. In her words, "I'm here to be strong for them... I'm not planning on going anywhere."

'Stacey's Story: Hook, Line and Sprinters'

On May 26, 2013, Vancouver baker and blogger Stacey Sellars will participate in her first Spring Sprint to combat brain tumours. She has pulled together a team of 20 people from across the west coast to raise money and run in memory of three loved ones affected by the disease. Their team ‘Hook, Line and Sprinters’ aims to raise $5,000 for patient programs and research.


Sharon's Story: Supporting Chatham Spring Sprint

Early in the spring of 2011, local mother of four Sharon began to have headaches. Initially, they started mild, and most often times, ibuprofen would help to alleviate their symptoms. By the fall, the headaches were debilitating and Sharon’s vision began to deteriorate. Then on October 5th, she learned she had a brain tumour. Two days later, on Thanksgiving weekend, Sharon underwent brain surgery. This spring, Sharon and her family are reflecting back on her journey...


Scott's Story of Strength

Married to his high school sweetheart Jessica and dedicated to health through intense bodybuilding training, the idea of a brain tumour was the furthest thing from Scott Cook’s mind in 2009. Preparing for an April 2009 bodybuilding show was Scott’s focus in the end of 2008. “It was to be my last show before we started a family,” he explains.


Sara's Story of Strength

Sara was diagnosed with a brain tumour when she was three years old. Sara, her mother Gillian, sister Alice and father Matthew share their story of strength for Brain Tumour Awareness Month in this six minute video.


Saying 'I Do' to Philanthropy

When Albertans Andrea and Kent Wierenga married in August 2007, they chose to commemorate their special day, not with your typical wedding favour, but with donations to Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada and the Alberta Cancer Foundation. A brain tumour survivor, Andrea ...


Scott's Story

Scott Chudley is a busy guy. The life-long Winnipegger and one time golf pro is now an Education Assistant, as well as a student studying to be a teacher. He is also a determined athlete and coordinator for the upcoming Spring Sprint for Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada.

Support Group Helps Couple in Brain Tumour Fight

Adjusting to life after a brain tumour diagnosis can be a challenge for both patients and families. Meeting with others who are in a similar situation is one positive way of coping with this life changing disease. For Mike and Karin Endresz, attending the monthly support group offered by Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is crucial to winning their fight with a brain tumour.

Support Group Key to Young Mother’s Successful Fight with a Brain Tumour

Life after a brain tumour diagnosis is never the same for both patients and their families but for one Windsor woman, the diagnosis led to positive changes including achieving a life-long dream. For Selena Foubert, attending the monthly support group meeting offered by Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada, gave her the support she needed to both fight her disease and pursue her dreams of becoming a nurse...

Sisters-in-Law Volunteer in Honour of Lost Brother and Husband

Sisters-in-Law Volunteer in Honour of Lost Brother and Husband

For sisters-in-law Danielle Griffiths and Jen Easton, the desire to find some good in a challenging time led them to volunteer for Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada.

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Youth Education Award recipient update

This my update since completing University: Since being diagnosed with a brain tumour, life has not been easy for me; University was no exception. I had my fair share of struggles during my time in school. I failed some and struggled in most classes, but overall, I had a great experience. I found myself taking on a new set of challenges, and changing my original plan of majoring in psychology, to double majoring in psychology and gerontology with a minor in French.

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Make every brain tumour count

Stephanie, a 38-year-old mother of twins has been diagnosed with an extremely rare and inoperable brain tumour - a rosette-forming...

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Piper's Story: a dream more precious than Olympic gold

Hi, I am Piper Gilles. You may know me as a world-famous ice dancer. I competed in the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games. I am a 7...

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