Volunteers of Distinction

Congratulations and thank you to each of you.

Each fall, volunteers who have given the exceptional gifts of time, passion and expertise to help with our mission to reach every Canadian affected by a brain tumour through support, education, information and research are recognized as Volunteers of Distinction. Recipients of this award are honoured and thanked at the annual Brain Tumour National Conference.

2019 Volunteers of Distinction 

The 2019 Volunteers of Distinction are Danielle Barclay, Arlette Boghonskhan, Michele Bliss and Hazel Neely. Thank you for your incredible contributions! Read all about these four inspiring individuals...!

2018 Volunteers of Distinction

The 2018 Volunteers of Distinction are Pablo Coffey, Greg Taylor and Christina Hagberg, Kelley Weatherby, and Michèle Tirlemont. Thank you for your incredible contributions! Read more about these volunteers!

2017 Volunteers of Distinction

The 2017 Volunteers of Distinction are Rachel Brown, Claire Snyman, Diane McFarlane, and Rick Bradt. Thank you so much for your time and passion as a volunteer! Read more about these volunteers!

2016 Volunteers of Distinction

The 2016 Volunteers of Distinction are Chris Wynder of London, ON; Janet Hempler of Edmonton, AB; Karen Metcalfe of Windsor, ON; and Natalie Edwards of London, ON. Thank you all for your time, energy and commitment! Read more about these volunteers!

2015 Volunteers of Distinction

The 2015 Volunteers of Distinction are Diana Schurer of Hamilton, ON; Denis Raymond of Ottawa, ON; and one further nominee who has chosen to remain anonymous. Thank you for your incredible contributions.  Read more about these volunteers!

2014 Volunteers of Distinction

The 2014 Volunteers of Distinction are David Kelly of Fredericton, NB; Diane McAuley of London, ON; Siobhan Taylor of Edmonton, AB. Thank you for your incredible contributions. Read more...

2013 Volunteers of Distinction

The 2013 Volunteers of Distinction are Keith Anderson of Edmonton, AB; Janice Laberge, London ON; Dr. Arjun Sahgal, Toronto, ON and Karen Vickers, Halifax, NS. Thank you to for your incredible contributions. Read more about why these four people have been honoured.

2012 Volunteers of Distinction

The 2012 recipients are Brian Montag of Mississauga, ON; Claudette Brown of Edmonton, AB and Heather McKeigan of New Glasgow, NS.

2011 Volunteers of Distinction

The 2011 recipients are Kathy Thornton and Jacqueline Huff, Vancouver, BC; Jenn Quinn, Edmonton, AB; Agnes Chick, London, ON; Christa Kingsley, London, ON and Joline LeBlanc, Moncton, NB.

Pictured left to right are:
Kathy Thornton & Jacqueline Huff, Vancouver, BC; Jenn Quinn, Edmonton, AB; and Christa Kingsley, London, ON

2010 Volunteers of Distinction

The 2010 recipients are Ingrid Exner of Burlington, Ontario; Danielle Griffiths of London, Ontario; Mike Kennedy of Halifax, Nova Scotia and Lori and Stephen Wilson of Calgary, Alberta.

Ingrid Exner

Thank you Ingrid for helping to build connections and support in the Burlington and Hamilton area, your dedication is invaluable.

Read the full story here

Danielle Giffiths

Danielle began giving her time to Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada in 2007 following her husband Jay’s diagnosed with a brain tumour. Danielle explains, “I knew I couldn’t change this situation but I also knew I could do something to help improve things for the brain tumour community.”
Read the full story here

Mike Kennedy

Mike Kennedy epitomizes a talented leadership volunteer with the very best interests of and commitment to success for our organization and the people we serve. Mike took on the role of Halifax Spring Sprint Coordinator in 2009.
Read the full story here >

Lori and Stephen Wilson

Lori and Stephen Wilson have been active volunteers for Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada in Calgary for many years.
Read the full story here >

2009 Volunteers of Distinction

Robin Bateman

Robin has worn many hats over the last four years as a volunteer in our London office. He has assisted with various database responsibilities, reconciliation of financial data, numerous departmental mailings, and archiving of historical materials. Robin also brings new and fresh ideas to the team. With his ever-present enthusiasm, positivity and never-ending supply of licorice and chips, Robin has become a truly essential part of Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada’s team. Robin has been an enduring source of creativity, always dedicated to the tasks that keep the organization running smoothly.

Claudine LePage

In 2002, Claudine was the first to stand-up and offer her service when the need for a person to lead and inspire a support group in the Moncton area was brought to our attention. Since that time, she has dedicated herself to helping hundreds from her community through the support group. Claudine has remained a consistent source of emotional support to all and has provided an empathetic ear to listen and console, and a shoulder upon which to lean when needed.

As an innovator and an unending source of energy, Claudine has also assisted in the running of Halifax’s Information Day, and has helped with the planning of our educational in-services. It is truly because of Claudine’s long-term and consistent commitment to brain tumour patients that Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada has been able to build such as large presence in the Moncton community.

Melissa Martin

Melissa has been coordinating the Windsor Spring Sprint for the last five years, over which time the event has grown tremendously. Along with her husband Scott, Melissa works tirelessly to organize and promote the event. With her focus being on directing as much of the funds raised towards patient programs and services, Melissa’s enthusiasm and passion is infectious and seemingly endless. She has shared her own brain tumour story with the media and on the patient panel at Information Day, and is the first to encourage others to attend their local support group and get involved. It is for these reasons that we value Melissa as one of our exceptional volunteers making an important difference in the Windsor community.

Crystal Tellett

Crystal Tellett began her role as the Calgary support group facilitator four years ago. Stepping forward and offering her services to develop the group there, her guidance and leadership has built a strong group that continues to thrive. As a neuroscience nurse, she understands the needs of brain tumour patients and is one of our biggest ambassadors. She reaches out to patients and recommends our programs and services and has been a speaker at Information Day in the past. She has also become involved with organizing the Calgary Spring Sprint event. Crystal’s dedication and passion to the mission and vision of Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is evident in the amount of support she provides to all patients in the Calgary area.

2008 Volunteers of Distinction

Theresa Acchione

An accountant for Deloitte in Calgary, AB, Theresa is a support group convener and has organized Calgary’s Spring Sprint fundraising event that raised a total of $470,000 over the past two years. Theresa was also instrumental in securing Deloitte as a national sponsor for Spring Sprint in 2008.

Dave D’Entremont

Dave is a Senior Programmer and Analyst as well as a brain tumour survivor from Fredericton, NB. He is being recognized for his work in raising brain tumour awareness and for organizing Fredericton’s Spring Sprint fundraising event that has raised $107,000 over the last four years.

Margaret Dodgson

A brain tumour survivor from London, ON, Margaret is a convenor for the brain tumour support group and comforts patients and families who have been affected by the disease. Margaret also assists with the London Information Day conference by organizing reiki treatments for participants.

Marianna Hope

Marianna is a brain tumour survivor from New Glasgow, NS, and provides patient support as the founder and facilitator for the support group there. Marianna embraces the opportunity to share her experiences and reach out to others during their journey with a brain tumour or cancer.

Ontario Volunteer Service Award Recipients

Ontario Volunteer Service Awards are given annually by the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration to recognize volunteers for their "undeniable contributions" and thank them for their "continuous years of commitment". The following Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada volunteers will be presented with their awards in their home communities this spring.

Congratulations to the five individuals who were recognized in 2010:

  • Dorothy Marshall - Office administration (five-year award)
  • Heather Deurelle - Support group convenor (five-year award)
  • Margaret Dodgson - Support group convenor (five-year award)
  • Robin Bateman - Office administration (five-year award)
  • Sarah Laberge -BrainWAVE (Minimum two-year award)

Congratulations to the six individuals who were recognized in 2009:

  • Chantalle Butler
  • Colette Chiasson
  • Connie Baker
  • Dianne Fischer
  • Melissa Martin
  • Stephanie Dorion

Congratulations to the six individuals who were recognized in 2008:

  • Marj Brezina - Kitchener/Waterloo Support Group Facilitator (15 year award)
  • Margaret Morgan - Mississauga Support Group Facilitator (15 year award)
  • Heather Tutching - Mississauga Support Group Facilitator (15 year award)
  • Phyllis Retty - Board Member, Chair of Research Committee (10 year award)
  • Lawrie Bloom - Brampton Spring Sprint Coordinator (5 year award)
  • Charron Bloom - Brampton Spring Sprint (5 year award)


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