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Can I Take My Panda Daddy?

Author: Greg Crooks
ISBN #: 1-921054-54-9
Publisher: Boolarong Press

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“At age four, with a loving family and a pretty bushland home, Sean’s days are full of wonder and excitement. Yet something is growing inside him that will change his life and the lives of those around him, forever.”  

I Want to Grow Hair, I Want to Grow Up, I Want to Go to Boise: Children Surviving Cancer

Author: Erma Bombeck
ISBN #: 0-06-109905-8
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks

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“America’s favorite family writer now brings us a heart-warming book about children surviving cancer. Here are wonderful stories of kids who have every hope of beating the odds and going on to drive their parents crazy.”

What About Me?: When Brothers and Sisters Get Sick

Author: Allan Peterkin (MD),
Illustrator: Frances Middendorf,
ISBN #: 978-0-945354-49-9
Publisher: Magination Press

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“Beautifully written and illustrated, the story deals with the many complicated feelings the well child experiences in such a situation: guilt about having somehow caused the illness, fear that sibling will die, anger over being left out, anxiety about catching sickness, and longing for life to return to the way it was.”

When Daddy Got Sick…

Author: Eric Gralnick
Publisher: Phidal Publishing

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“When Daddy Got Sick is the touching story of a family’s struggle and strength through a cancer diagnosis, as told by a patient’s young son”

All About Me: A Keepsake Journal For Kids (revised edition)

Author: Linda Kranz
ISBN #: 978-0-87358-877-5
Publisher: Rising Moon Books

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“All About Me offers ‘thought’ starters to get kid’s creativity flowing. […]This innovative journal works for a wide age range and is a perfect activity book for vacations, bedtime, classroom settings, and anywhere keepsake memories are made”

Our Family Has Cancer, Too!

Author: Christine Clifford
Illustrator: Jack Lindstrom
ISBN #: 1-57025-144-4
Publisher: Pfeifer-Hamilton Publishers

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“With the help and insight of her son, Tim, Christine has explored the issues facing families when cancer becomes a part of life”

Bethie’s Got the Blues

Author: Joanne Langlois
Illustrator: Heather Haynes
ISBN #: 0-9730840-0-6
Publisher: Joanne Langlois and Heather Haynes

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“Join Beth in her quest to battle boredom and be swept away by this whimsical tale that packs a whopper of a message! Original acrylic on canvas paintings chronicle the journey of one little girl determined to make the most out of  a lousy situation”


Facing the Challenge of Cancer, A Practical Support Guide for Youth and Family Members
Author: Monica Wright-Roberts & Dr. Roy M. Clark
ISBN #: 0-9687856-3-8
Publisher: Roger Murray and Associates Incorporated

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“Hand in Hand has been written for you! Not only does it have information for you and your family, it’s also a great place to have some fun as you fill in facts about yourself—your hopes and dreams, and the things important to you.”

My Daddy Has a Tumour

Author: Rachel McClellan Gonzales
ISBN #: 978-149485949

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“A young child's questioning and discovery when her father is diagnosed with a brain tumor. The book examines the questions and feelings children have when first learning of this diagnosis and facilitates conversation between children and adults. Young readers are prompted with questions and the book includes personal journal pages.”

Brain Surgery for Beginners and Other Major Operations for Minors

A Scalpel-Free Guide to your Insides
Author: Steve Parker
Designed and Illustrated by: David West
ISBN #: 1-56294-895-4
Publisher: The Millbrook Press

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“Brain Surgery for Beginners looks at all aspects of the human body from the vantage point of this amazing control center known as the brain”

My Name is Buddy

A Story for Children About Brain Tumours
Author: Dave Bauer in collaboration with National Brain Tumour Foundation
Publisher: National Brain Tumour Foundation 

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The Talking Lady Presents: Having a Brain Tumour

Author: Doris Rosenberg
ISBN #: 0-9680484-0-4
Publisher: Talking Lady Press Inc. Batten

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Mom has Cancer

Author: Jennifer Moore-Mallinos
Illustrator: Marta Fàbrega
ISBN #: 978-0-7641-4074-7
Publisher: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc.

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“This book gives children some understanding of cancer, as a serious medical condition, while it also helps them work through their own anxieties and know that they can depend on their parents for emotional support”

You Have to Go Through a Storm To Get To A Rainbow

Author: Dainere Anthoney
ISBN #: 978-1742660448
Publisher: Murdoch Books

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“11 year old Dainere Anthoney had constant chest infections, vomiting and loss of balance, then a frightening diagnosis, Dainere had a brain tumour.  That same night a terrified and confused Dainere was rushed from Canberra to Sydney, where emergency surgery was performed.  Five days later the worst possible news, Dainere’s tumour was a Medulloblastoma, a malignant and aggressive brain cancer.  This is Dainere’s personal account of her courageous battle.  You will cry and you will smile as you follow her journey, but most of all you will be inspired by her touching story which is expressed with profound wisdom and honesty.”

My Brain Tumour Adventures

The Story of a Little Boy Coping with a Brain Tumour
Author: Sharon Dempsey
ISBN #: 1-84310-125-4
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

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“Owen is ill, scared and worried.  He finds himself in hospital with strange machines, special medicine and a team of medical professionals who are going to help make him better.  While he is undergoing treatment for a brain tumour he uses his imagination to embark on a series of adventures to help him cope.”

Waverly and the Blue Dolphins

Author: Deanna Soules
ISBN #: 9780986639203
Publisher: N/A

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“This story was written for Waverly, my granddaughter, a special little sunbeam in the lives of all who know and love her.  She teaches us to believe in dreams, to keep faith and hope alive in everything we do, and never give up!  She shows us how to enjoy each day with smiles, laughter and love in our hearts.”

In Mommy’s Garden

A Book to Help Explain Cancer to Young Children
Author: Neyal J. Ammary & Christopher Risch
ISBN #: 0-9754221-0-3
Publisher: Canyon Beach Visual Communications

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 “A cancer diagnosis is a difficult and frightening experience for people of all ages.  When a parent or family member is diagnosed, the anxiety he or she feels about knowing what to tell his or her children can be overwhelming.  In Mommy’s Garden  is intended to help parents, family members and health care professionals first talk about cancer with children and help alleviate misconceptions children often have.”

What's Up with Jo? - Medikidz Explain Brain Tumours

Author: Kim Chilman-Blair, BSc, MB ChB, John Taddeo
ISBN #: 978-1-60443-023-3
Publisher: N/A

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“The Medikidz blend fun and facts to help children understand brain tumours.”


Author: Valeri Sherrard,
ISBN#: 978-1550024760
“There's one other thing I should mention right off, which is that I'm fourteen years old and dying. (I guess that was two things, but the significance of one is sort of tied to the other, don't you think?)"

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Kate Benchworth is far from typical. Having been diagnosed with a brain tumour that could end her life at any time, she views the world with refreshing honesty and rare insight. As her family and members of her community struggle to accept what lies ahead, Kate refuses to give in to self-pity. Determined to live each moment to the fullest, she falls in love with a boy locked up in the local jail and befriends the town recluse. Valerie Sherrard's new novel is a moving tale about a young woman experiencing the best days of her life, all the while aware that the time she has left is rapidly disappearing.”  

Upside Down World

Author: Brandon Johns
ISBN #: 978-1-926595-69-6

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“This is a book about a young boy who had a tragic experience and somehow overcame it.”

Chasing Rainbows (DVD)

ISBN: 776098188899
Publisher: Sonrise
DVD made possible with the support of BC Cancer Agency

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This upbeat documentary film is a dynamic, intimate portrayal of six young people who are "living life while fighting for it". With passion and infectious laughter, the six participants provide a unique and refreshing perspective about what it is like to live with cancer when you are young. Candidly they discuss: Fear, Anger, Finances, Sex, Infertility, Family Relationships, Death, Faith and the Future. Their stories provide invaluable information, inspiration and hope - not only for other young adults facing life-threatening illness, but also their families, friends, caregivers and medical support teams.

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