It's OK to have Different Dreams

It's OK to have Different Dreams

In 2003, I heard the words that no parent should ever have to hear, “your four-year old son has a brain tumour.” That’s how my husband Rick and I learned that little Cole had a brain stem glioma. The doctor then told us not to look it up, we wouldn’t be happy with what we would find. The frightening news continued with the pediatric brain surgeon telling us that she couldn’t operate. We were devastated.

We gained some hope with the guidance of the radiation oncology team. Cole began his series of 30 radiation treatments over six weeks, just prior to Easter. We were all happily surprised when Cole’s tumour was shown to have shrunk by 75%. There really was hope.

During all of this turmoil, and our ongoing journey of recovery and coping with treatment side effects, Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada has been there for us. There are programs for all ages and the information offered is invaluable. Today, we need your continued help to ensure that other families facing a brain tumour can get the support and information that they need.

When we found out about Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada it was truly a beacon in the night. Just knowing that the information we needed was from a reliable source that wasn’t promoting a specific treatment or option helped greatly. The Pediatric Brain Tumour Resource Handbook has been so very helpful to us. It has all of the treatments, side effects and information on dealing with siblings. I kept it on my bedside table and referred to it often.

The BrainWAVE Program supports the entire family. We love the fact that his sisters are included in all the activities. It’s something for our whole family to attend together without the pressure that Cole’s challenges and “difference” creates . It has been so very helpful knowing that there was a group out there that understands what Cole was going through and what I was going through as his care giver.

Your help can be directed to these important programs and services – it can also be directed to brain tumour research, which gives hope to families like ours. If brain tumours could only be diagnosed sooner that would make a huge difference. Through research funding new and better treatments could be just around the corner.

Cole is 12 now and in grade 7. For mom and dads, there is a certain amount of grieving that you do at the beginning and that’s OK.

(Cole and his sisters at a BrainWAVE event)

You know that it will never go away, but that’s OK.

When you see other kids reaching milestones that your child never will, grieving is OK.

And it’s OK to have different dreams.

You really do make a difference with your support. Please continue to help us find those earlier diagnoses, better treatments and one day that elusive cure. You can send your gift today.

Story posted: November 2011

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