Important Issues for the Brain Tumour Community

Investigating and advocating on issues important to the brain tumour community helps to ensure that those with a brain tumour and their families have the information and support to fully participate in all aspects of life.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the first-ever advocacy survey in 2011. Results of the survey showed the following four issues to be of top priority to the brain tumour community in Canada. Click on the issues listed to learn more about them and the action being taken.

Looking for questions to ask the political candidates for the 2019 Federal Election?
 Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2017 Advocacy survey. Read the results of this survey here.

Awareness Statements in the House of Commons

May 2019: We are so grateful to Angelo Iacono MP for rising in the House of Commons to raise awareness in Brain Tumour Awareness Month 2019. Watch the video (bilingual).
May 2019: We are so grateful to Bill Casey MP for rising in the House of Commons to mention the Brain Tumour Registry of Canada which launched the next day. Watch the video.
May 2018: We are grateful to the Minister of Health for this video, featuring a member of the brain tumour community, made for Brain Tumour Awareness Month.
May 2018: We are grateful to Hon. Paul Merriman for presenting a Member's Statement in the Saskatchewan Legislature on May 1, 2018 regarding Brain Tumour Awareness Month and also acknowledging the local support group in that statement.
June 2, 2017: Thank you to the House of Commons for providing permission to share this clip of Ginette Petitpas Taylor, MP when she spoke about Brain Tumour Awareness Month during Debates in the House of Commons.

June 2, 2016: Thank you to Chris Ballard, MPP and all the speakers at the press conference at Queens Park, the Legislature of Ontario. The press conference was held to launch a private members bill to change Brain Tumour Awareness Month in Ontario from October to May:

May 13, 2016: Thank you to the House of Commons for providing permission to share this clip of Mr. Bill Casey, M.P. when he spoke about Brain Tumour Awareness Month during Debates.

October 29, 2014: In support of Brain Tumour Awareness Month, the House of Commons in Ottawa, heard about the impact of a brain tumour and the needs of patients across Canada. Thanks to MP Chrystia Freeland for taking the time to spread this important message. You can watch this statement in the video below.

October 31, 2013:
In support of Brain Tumour Awareness Month, the House of Commons heard about the impact of a brain tumour and the needs of patients across Canada. Thanks to MP Kirsty Duncan for taking the time to honour everyone affected by the disease.

October 26, 20
12:  There were two awareness statements read in the House of Commons during October's Brain Tumour Awareness Month in 2012. Thank you to MPP Hedy Fry and MPP Malcolm Allen who took the time to honour brain tumour patients through this awareness effort.

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is a non-partisan organization. We always invite participation and ask for support from all elected officials, regardless of party affiliation. When someone speaks up about brain tumours, we are proud to share. 

Other Issues

In addition to these four issues, we also heard from patients, families and researchers on a number of other topics. We are constantly monitoring research outcomes, tracking media stories and communicating with health care professionals on issues that could impact the brain tumour community.

You can stay on top of research news with this page of our website, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our newsletters for the most up-to-date news and information about brain tumours. 



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