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Volunteer Profiles:

Hazel's photoHazel's Volunteer Story

"Giving back feels good. Small deeds can impact others in such a significant way." 

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Andy's photoAndy's Volunteer Story

"I would highly encourage people to come volunteer and see the lifelong impact a single walkathon will make. That is what happened to me and I am glad it did.”

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Diane VolunteerDiane's Volunteer Story

"Being part of such a supportive, caring, dynamic group of people and being part of something so heartwarming and fulfilling, has brought so much enlightenment and reward to my life.”

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Mckenna - A Volunteer StoryMckenna's Volunteer Story

At only 14 years old, Mckenna is one of Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada’s youngest volunteers. When asked about her role with us this is what she shared.

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Kathy Volunteer ProfileKathy's Volunteer Story

“I am proud and happy to be part of the beautiful GOcervo family as a volunteer. I help to organize activities and attend events with children and their families." 

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Liz Gyuk, VolunteerLiz Gyuk

When it came time for me to start thinking about making some kind of contribution or giving back. Well….it pretty much was a “No brainer” for me!  

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Marjory Buttrum Volunteer ProfileMarjory Buttrum

Marjory Buttrum is an amazing example of how strength and positivity can come from a negative life experience. In 2008, Marjory’s husband Steve was diagnosed with a brain tumour. After the initial shock of the diagnosis, the family rallied as he began treatment that would include surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Early in this process, the Buttrums were introduced to the resources available through Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada, which were an invaluable support during a difficult time. Read her story...
Natalie Edwards Volunteer StoryNatalie Edwards

Natalie lends a compassionate ear to anyone who wants to share their story, which has helped her in more ways than one. The brain tumour community residing in London will have seen Natalie at Brain Tumour Walks in previous years and at BrainWAVE events. Natalie has lost two dear ones to brain tumours and became involved with Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada to help support other people on their brain tumour journey. Read her story...
Chris Wynder Volunteer ProfileChris Wynder

Just because you leave your white lab coat in your closet doesn’t mean you have left that life behind. Chris Wynder wanted to find a way to be part of the brain tumour community when he left the laboratory for a new adventure in IT. So he started volunteering with Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada so he could find that connection. Chris was a brain tumour scientist; he left that chapter behind and moved to London with his family.   Read his story...
Lauren and Duncan Volunteer ProfileLauren Trimble-Nixon & Duncan Nixon

Living in Northern Canada changes the meaning of friends and family. Friends become like family because of proximity, which is exactly what happened with the Sellars and Trimble families. When Trevor Sellars was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2011, this bond became even stronger... This is how Lauren Trimble-Nixon & Duncan Nixon first heard about Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. Read their story...
Sarah Cunningham, Volunteer for Brain Tumour Foundation of CanadaSarah Cunningham

Twenty-six-year-old Sarah Cunningham’s loss has placed her on a path toward helping others heal. Sarah’s grief, and the strength she gained from helping others, inspired her to donate countless hours over the past four years running events, raising funds and creating awareness on the charity’s behalf. Read Sarah's story...
Lesley-Ann Senior

Ajax Support Group Faciliatior Lesley-Ann Senior, this former high school teacher is "still teaching in some ways" after her six craniotomies. Read Lesley-Ann's story...

Marianne Lee

London neurosugery social worker Marianne Lee is working with volunteers toward three goals: equal access to treatments for all brain tumour patients, improved home care for patients and finding a cure for the disease. As Marianne says, "That's the biggest dream of all." Read Marianne's story...
Doug Bowden

The Kitchener-Waterloo brain tumour community has a gem in its midst with the dedication and inspiration regularly offered by Doug Bowden. Doug is a brain tumour survivor himself, overcoming the disease in February 2000. Read Doug's story ...

Kathy Thornton and Jacqueline Huff 

Families in British Columbia with a child with a brain tumour once had nowhere to turn for help and support but a few years ago this changed as a result of the dedication, hard work, and determination of two women. Read their story ...

Dave D'Entremont

Dave’s willingness to help and his compassionate nature make him one of Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada’s most commendable volunteers.

Charlie & Kathy Prongua

Charlie and Kathy often express gratitude for the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people through Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada, but it is their outstanding commitment to the organization that we are thankful for.

Danielle Griffiths

 Her outgoing personality and willingness to help has certainly made Danielle deserving of this feature as the Volunteer Profile of the Month for December. Thank you for your outstanding commitment! 

Gary & Karen Evjen

Thank you Karen and Gary for your dedication care and kindness to everyone you meet through all your efforts in Saskatoon. Together we are continuing to improve the quality of life for survivors in Saskatoon and Canada.

Garry & Marianna Hope

Thank you Marianne, Garry and Karina for your dedication care and kindness to everyone you meet through all your efforts in New Glasgow, Halifax and elsewhere. Together we are continuing to improve the quality of life for survivors in Nova Scotia and Canada.

Janice & Sarah Laberge

Their dedication to volunteering and compassionate nature has inspired us all.


Jennifer Brewe

In the fall of 2005, Jennifer Brewe’s life changed drastically when she was diagnosed with an ependymoma tumour. Fortunately, the tumour was operable and, in November of 2005, it was removed by neurosurgeon, Dr. Joseph Megyesi, coincidentally the Chair for Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada’s Board of Directors...

Lori & Stephen Wilson

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada would like to thank Lori and Stephen for sharing their story and for their continued support to assist families affected with a brain tumour.

Lucilia Pontes-Botelho & Rui Botelho

Neither Rui nor Lucilia volunteer with the intention of being rewarded, but the fulfillment they gain through their work makes it all worthwhile: "No matter how significant your contributions may be, you are always making a difference. As a volunteer, you must never underestimate your ability to make a success out of anything you do."

Marjorie Brezina

Thank you Marj for your dedication, care and kindness to everyone you have met during your 20 years as the Support Group Facilitator for Kitchener/Waterloo. You are a good reason why together we are continuing to improve the quality of life for survivors in Kitchener/Waterloo and Canada.

Mike Kennedy

Mike’s dedication to raising awareness and the initiative he has shown towards the Halifax Spring Sprint has undoubtedly earned him the title of Volunteer of the Month.

Robin Bateman

This volunteer has certainly earned himself some popularity points because of his enthusiasm. Robin is always eager to assist others, regardless of the task at hand.

Theresa Acchione

Congratulations, Theresa, on your award and thank you for your dedication and kindness to everyone you have met during your years as the Coordinator for the Calgary Spring Sprint and as the convenor of the Calgary Support Group.

You can name someone you think should be recognized by a Volunteer Profile by contacting:

Courtney McDonnell
Human Relations Associate
1-800-265-5106 or 519-642-7755, ext. 221 

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